Tiffany Small-McKelvin

Chief People & Culture Officer

Tiffany Small-McKelvin joins Music Will as its first-ever Chief People & Culture Officer, bringing nearly two decades of experience in organizational effectiveness, operational excellence, strategic planning, project management, equity and inclusion strategy, and leadership coaching and development.

Her work spans multiple industries including the K-12 education sector where she held network-level leadership positions in school operations and talent strategy, and the biopharmaceutical sector where she led a variety of continuous process improvement, culture, and organizational strategy initiatives. Prior to joining Music Will, Tiffany worked as a change management and talent strategy consultant for multiple nonprofit and education organizations.

In addition to holding a Master’s degree in both Education Leadership and Business Administration, Tiffany has degrees and certificates in both Engineering, and Human Resources.

At her core, Tiffany believes that all students have the capacity to achieve excellence in education and in life.  Understanding that she can’t personally impact each individual child, Tiffany is passionately dedicated to empowering and engaging the adults in children’s lives to build, sustain, and continually improve upon community and workplace cultures and processes that allow everyone to thrive while being their authentic selves.

Tiffany’s earliest memories of music include tinkering away at her grandmother’s piano and singing in her church’s choir. This eventually evolved into learning how to play the clarinet in elementary school, and becoming the drum major in her high school marching band.

When Tiffany is not working, she volunteers in the K-12 education sector through various roles on parent advisory committees, school site councils, and booster clubs. She’s also an active volunteer with the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles at the troop, service unit, and council level.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, their two daughters, their dog, and two fish. When not caring for her daughters and her grandmother, she enjoys traveling, listening to music, reading, and participating in service activities with her Girl Scout troop.

Music will be a catalyst for change, new possibilities, and new friendships.