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Music Will offers a complete suite of workshops for students and faculty designed to help institutions of higher education learn more about popular music education and modern band. Music Will has offered workshops at over 50 colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Higher Education Fellowship

The increased presence of modern band and popular music education at the primary and secondary levels in the U.S. presents forward-looking music teacher education programs with an excellent opportunity to fully prepare their students to teach in districts with modern band programs and, more broadly, in the classrooms of tomorrow.

As a leader in the field of culturally responsive, student-centered and inclusive music education, Music Will partners with colleges and universities to help develop leadership and sustainable coursework in popular music education approaches. The Modern Band Higher Education Fellowship (MBHEF) is an opportunity for tenure-track music education professors to receive instruction in incorporating modern band pedagogies into pre-service music teacher education programs and receive hands-on instruction in playing popular music instruments.

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Academic Publications

The positive impact that Music Will is having on the field of music education is well-documented in academic circles. Peruse scholarly articles on Music Will (formerly Little Kids Rock) and some of our signature offerings such as modern band and Music as a Second Language.

Modern Band and Special Learners

By David Knapp|December 22, 2020|

For the greater part of the past 50 years, music educators have advocated for contemporary approaches to music education that reflect the interests of students. This has recently manifested in an approach to music education [...]

Begin With a Workshop

We offer a complete suite of workshops for students and faculty designed to help your institution learn more about modern band and popular music education.  Music Will’s programming has been incorporated into the curriculum for more than 50 colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

  • Modern Band Methods: A hands-on, 8-hour workshop that provides an introduction to running modern band programs utilizing the Music as a Second Language approach.
  • Introduction to Modern Band: A hands-on workshop (4-hours or 2-hours) that can be customized according to needs.
  • Modern Band Guest Lecture Series: 45-90 minutes and can be done either in-person or through a video conference.
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