Music Will runs the largest nonprofit music program in the US public school system.

We provide professional development, curriculum, supplies, and materials for music teachers to implement modern band in their schools.

What Makes Modern Band Unique?

Like concert band, jazz band, orchestra, and choir, modern band provides students with an opportunity to perform music.

Modern band teaches students to perform contemporary styles such as:

• Rock

• Pop

• Reggae

• Hip-Hop

• Rhythm & Blues

• Electronic Music

…and more on instruments common to these genres including guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, ukulele, and music technology.

Benefits for Registered Teachers

Music Will educators have access to some amazing benefits, including:

Single and multi-day workshops and professional development as well as a 3-day national summer conference for educators and administrators

Free online educator and student resources, including instrument lessons, song charts, and best practices

Modern Band Method Book Series, published by Hal Leonard, for guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and ukulele

Exclusive discounts on classroom instruments and other equipment for Music Will teachers, parents, and students

Benefits for Students Taking Modern Band

Many teachers have told us their students have grown in confidence while others have seen an improvement in student behavior. Nearly 82% of teachers have seen improvement in student attendance.


of teachers reported that their modern band class engaged students that were not engaged in school music before.


of teachers reported that students are more willing to express themselves since they began implementing a modern band program.


of teachers reported that Music Will has helped them teach music genres that are culturally relevant to the students they serve.

Our Impact in California









Dept. of Ed
“Students are able to see themselves reflected in the curriculum and are culturally validated as the music is representative of their own identity.”

California Department of Education, 2021, p.333

Maria Fritts
“Modern Band will change U.S. music education. It will catch fire and spread to every school district. I am proud and ecstatic to be a part of this movement and plan to move mountains to spread the word.”

Maria Fritts, Teacher

Amy Giangrasso
“Opportunities like Music Will are life-altering for these kids. It gives them a sense of pride, belonging to a social group, and awakens a part of them that would never have been explored.”

Amy Giangrasso, Teacher

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