My Son the Rock Star (For Two Days)

The Story of How He Came to Sing at Carnegie Hall When I first heard about it from Jim, it didn’t sound like that big a deal. My son, 15, came home from school, one day in February, and said something about the high school music teacher asking him to [...]

By Jack Rabid|July 25, 2023|

Empowering the Melodies of Tomorrow: The Transformative Impact of Music Education Supporter David Smith

In the realm of music education, there exists a cadre of remarkable individuals whose unwavering dedication and boundless generosity impact thousands of students every year.  These extraordinary people harness their time, energy, passion, and resources to shape the future of our children through their invaluable contributions.  David Smith of Graystone [...]

By Music Will|July 20, 2023|

Where Are They Now? Yancy Garcia

In our "Where Are They Now?" series, we catch up with former students who participated in the Music Will modern band program. We are excited to reconnect with Yancy Garcia, a talented musician known by her fans as Yancyabril, hailing from New York. Her journey in music is an [...]

By Music Will|May 24, 2023|

Teacher Feature: Jennifer Theilacker

“I’ve seen music totally change students,” Jennifer Theilacker, music teacher at KIPP Infinity Middle School, explains from her classroom in Harlem. Covered in motivational posters and filled with instruments ranging from trumpets to guitars and keyboards, her classroom is one that is thoughtfully designed to embrace and inspire all [...]

By Music Will|May 19, 2023|

Teacher Appreciation Week with Sweetwater and Hot Topic

Music Will partnered with Sweetwater and Hot Topic to surprise our teachers with teacher kits for Teacher Appreciation Week. Throughout the week, Music Will teachers all over the country were greeted with exclusive Music Will swag, classroom posters, and chord charts.  Music Will believes that the hard work, compassion and [...]

By Music Will|May 15, 2023|

Teacher Feature: Lauren Schwartz

Meet our dynamic and passionate music teacher, Lauren Schwartz, who shares her love of music with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at Visitacion Valley Middle School in San Francisco. Lauren’s journey to becoming a music teacher is what she describes as “accidental.” Prior to teaching, she was a music therapist [...]

By Music Will|February 27, 2023|
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