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Modern Band: Expanding Access to Culturally-Relevant, Student-Centered, and Inclusive Music Education

By Bryan Powell, DMA|September 20, 2018|

Most middle and high school music performance programs fit into one of four categories: concert band, jazz band, orchestra, or chorus. Traditional ensembles provide students great opportunities to learn, perform, and improve as musicians. However, traditional ensembles tend to focus on music chosen by the director and also tend to [...]

Music education for social change in the United States: towards artistic citizenship through Music Will

By Gareth Dylan Smith, Warren Gramm and Kenrick Wagner|January 1, 2018|

Public education in the United States is often woefully under-funded, especially in the arts, despite a federal mandate to provide music education for all. Where music programs exist in US schools, they tend to focus on teacher-directed large ensembles that afford students little agency or creative opportunity, playing music that [...]

Increasing Access to School Music through Modern Band

By Matthew Clauhs, Julie Beard and Andrew Chadwick|December 23, 2017|

While music plays a significant role in most cultural groups of the United States, previous research finds that secondary school music participation falls along racial and socioeconomic lines. Many concert bands, orchestras and choirs promote repertoire and musical skills strongly associated with White European traditions and experience disproportionately low participation [...]

“Modern Band” as School Music: A Case Study

By James L. Byo|December 23, 2017|

The purpose of this study was to uncover the nature and value associated with involvement in “Modern Band” (rock band), the primary, not supplemental, means to music education in one US school. The values that emerged—music, community, identity, teacher, and classroom management—overlap considerably with the benefits and values identified by [...]

Popular Music and Modern Band Principles

By Scott Burstein and Bryan Powell, DMA|October 19, 2016|

The inclusion of popular music in United States (US) public school music education classrooms has become increasingly common in the 21st century. Recent literature has outlined the variety of popular music programs in the US in an attempt to position current efforts to include popular music education in the US [...]

Co-Constructing a Culturally Responsive Music Program

By Baruch Whitehead, Matthew Clauhs and Radio Cremata|January 1, 2016|

Located in upstate New York, Johnson City Central School District is experiencing a cultural shift whereby a once predominantly white student and faculty population has transformed into a school community with increased racial and ethnic diversity. In spite of this diversity within the stakeholders, the music curriculum, like most traditional [...]

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