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Newsworthy Stories and Interesting Feature Angles:

  • At a time when budget cuts are eliminating music programs in public schools, Music Will is expanding music education throughout the country.
  • Founder David Wish took Music Will from a single music class in his Bay Area classroom to thousands of schools nationwide.
  • Music Will provides a creative outlet for students in public schools, many of whom might have dropped out if it weren’t for this engaging music program.
  • Music Will teachers music like a second language (backwards from the way it is normally taught), engaging kids on day one and giving them instant success.
  • Performances by Music Will students at professional venues with professional musicians.
  • Music Will’s innovative music program, which focuses on contemporary music, improvisation and composition, is quickly growing in public school systems nationwide.

To the right you’ll find a list of downloadable resources about Music Will, including our most current press kit. For all media inquiries, please email [email protected].

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