New Documentary Features the work of Music Will

By Published On: August 26, 2016

Last night, the Sedona International Film Festival joined in the movement to help keep music in schools with special screenings of “Play: The Documentary.” The film was created in hopes of inspiring more people to play music. The documentary was shot in locations all over the United States, in addition to captivating footage from Ireland, over the course of two years and features over 40 musicians each playing their particular instrument and discussing their perception of the personal impact of playing music.

The film also touches on U.S. budget cuts to music education in recent years and what is being done to combat the cuts. In particular, the film delves into the work of the game-changing national nonprofit Music Will program.

Decker said he is excited to see the impact the film can have locally and looks forward to seeing similar impact in other cities across the U.S.

“Music is a transcendent force available to basically everyone,” he said. “I can’t think of many more important curriculums for the children of today to have access to at school and it has been a real exciting and humbling opportunity to be a part of Matty Steinkamp’s film while helping to cause elicit change and seeing how some people are fighting back to protect this.”

On the heels of creating a buzz at Phoenix Film Festival, Phoenix Magazine called the documentary, “a powerful testament to the crucial need for music at every level,” and “a gorgeously shot film.” The film is scheduled to be in theaters in Phoenix, New York, Salt Lake City, Utah, and St. Paul, Minn. All showings will directly raise money for local music nonprofits in the host cities through partnerships with organizations such as Music Will, Arizona School of the Arts, Vega Productions, Musician’s Choice and more.