Budding Musician a Finalist in one of Nashville’s Singing Competitions

By Published On: April 2, 2014

Alexis Ford unlocked her inner music-maker at the age of ten in her fourth grade Music Will class at Ashland City Elementary School, where she learned to play piano, guitar and sing. That ten-year-old girl never dreamed that a few years later, she’d be competing as a finalist in one of Nashville’s major radio station’s singing competitions.

Her Music Will teacher, LeNaye Pearson, remembers how Alexis was transformed by music. “She had a lot of untapped potential and always did more than you expected,” she says. “If the students were singing, she would be singing and dancing. What’s so great about Music Will is that it allows students to have freedom and to express themselves.”

Now in eighth grade, Alexis sang and danced her way onto Music City’s Mix 92.9 fm radio station’s “Singing Star” competition, which afforded her the opportunity to unleash her musical talents on the air.

Pearson is proud to see former students like Alexis continue to follow their passions and excel in life. “I am honored and thankful that they passed through my hands,” she says. “It’s incredible to see a child grow where they may not have seen their own potential in the beginning, and they develop into leaders. Once you open up the box, the opportunities are limitless.”

A brief interview with Mix 92.9 “Singing Star” finalist, Alexis Ford:

How did having a music program at such a young age impact you and your love of music?

Having Music Will at a young age really exposed me to more. I focused mainly on guitar, and that’s the reason why I got one that Christmas that I still use. I even got to fiddle with drums and bass a bit. Music Will kind of threw me further into the music world, which sparked me to want to continue.

What inspires you to sing?

I love to get myself involved with every hobby possible, and singing is one I genuinely have a passion for. I love love love when a little girl (much like me in first grade before piano lessons) says, “I want to be like Alexis when I grow up.” It’s the best feeling to know someone looks up to you no matter how small you may feel in such a big world. That’s an inspiration to me.

Could you tell me more about the “Singing Star” competition?

My middle school choir teacher told me about the competition and encouraged me to enter. The next day, which was the day before the deadline, I sent in audition tapes and then I heard back the day after! I was blown away.


How did you hear that you were chosen as one of the top ten singers?

I was at dance practice at school when my mom came to pick me up. She had her iPhone in her hand and her eyes told me there was something good happening. She received a phone call from the radio hosts announcing I’d made the top ten. I was informed that I would have to travel to Nashville the next day to record two songs and a short interview. It was so surreal and happening so fast. If I could sum my reaction up in one word, it would be OHMYGODISTHISFORREAL!?

Do you aspire to continue your involvement with music in the future?

Yes! I want to get better at playing piano and guitar and do them at the same time as singing. I also would love to be more involved with things such as the Singing Star competition. Music has given me something to put my energy towards, it’s something that I really enjoy.