Annual “Write to Rock” Contest Fosters Creativity at all Ages

By Published On: August 2, 2011

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Neil Diamond once said, “Performing is the easiest part of what I do, and songwriting is the hardest.” No doubt, songwriting remains one of the most challenging, yet rewarding tasks musicians face in their careers.

“When I sing my own song, I feel unique, because I know that nobody else in the world has another song that’s like mine,” ten-year-old Music Will student Jailine explained. “All my emotions and all my hard work go into that song.”

Write to Rock 2011 prompted hundreds of original songs to pour in from students nationwide, kindergarten to 12th grade. The contest encourages students to explore their creativity through composition, and offers songwriters the chance to perform their songs and win prizes for creativity. As Music Will founder David Wish says, “Our future does not lie in our children’s hands, but rather, in their creativity.”

This year, ten-year-old Jailine won a Write to Rock grand prize for her song, “Help the People of Haiti”, which she wrote after learning about the 2010 Haiti earthquake in school. As one of nine grand prizewinners, Jailine won a Fender® Squire Strat Pack that included an electric guitar, amp and all the fixings. In addition, Music Will turned her song into a music video.

First place winners of Write to Rock received a Fender® acoustic guitar, and second place winners received Music Will prize packs stocked with t-shirts, picks, drumsticks and stickers! All entrants to the contest received a certificate of Honorable Mention and a sticker for their hard work.

Check out some more original Music Will music by clicking the links below:

Jade (10 yrs old, Jersey City, NJ) – “Change”

Chris (12 yrs old, Bronx, NY) – “Rap of A Generation”

Jailine (10 yrs old, New York, NY) – “Help the People of Haiti”

Yancy (12 yrs old, New York, NY) – “Tears”

Ella (11 yrs old, Sonoma, CA) – “Miss Independent”

Nate (9 yrs old, Sonoma, CA) – “Just Rock”

Want to hear more original music by Music Will students? Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: “Write To Rock!”To view this music player you need to have Flash Player 9 or newer installed and JavaScript enabled. Build an MP3 playlist and then publish it on your website – only with PodSnack.