Jon E. Gee Adds Bass to NYC Music Will Class

By Published On: March 23, 2011

Accomplished bassist Jon E. Gee had a day off before his concert with John Mellencamp at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and wanted to find something to do to fill the vacancy in his schedule. He decided to team up with Music Will to help fill a vacancy at PS 98 Shorac Kappock in Manhattan, where children have been learning to play guitar and write their own songs… with no bass guitar!

So Gee and his family met Keith Hejna of Music Will at the school to deliver the missing instrument to Ms. Edwards’ class and to give an introductory lesson to the young rockers. Gee discussed the basics of the bass guitar and showed them how it gives a song more depth by adding a bassline to one of the children’s original songs. He also answered all of their questions and told them about his experiences touring with everyone from Ted Nugent to John Mellencamp.

Then he signed autographs for all the kids in the class, and one special autograph for Music Will — on a $500 check that will help Music Will provide 10 more guitars to a needy music class!

Since the visit, the children have been adding bass to their lessons and their new songs have taken a whole new dynamic. One student in particular has been supplementing his Music Will lessons by watching Gee’s instructional bass video.

Gee inspired the children, the children inspired Gee, and for Music Will… well, just another day of transforming children’s lives!

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